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People learn best

Context Overlay's intuitive digital learning tool helps any user master any web-based task without leaving their browser window. 

Compatible with any web-based application:

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The fastest route to
web fluency for your
entire team.

Context Overlay's no-code visual builder makes it easy for anyone to create click-by-click walkthroughs that build employee confidence, reduce training costs, and help your organization adopt new tools with speed and consistency.


Why Context Overlay?

This ain't your Granny's digital adoption platform
(but we're sure she'd love it)

Context Overlay is the simplest, fastest route to digital fluency for your entire organization. Contact us today and learn how Context Overlay can help you transform the way you teach, train, and empower your teams. 

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Instill confidence.

Context Overlay removes the fear factor

from learning a new role or digital product. Utilizing a single browser extension, new hires and ongoing learners can instantly contribute business value while they're building muscle memory and software fluency. 

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Move faster. 

Context Overlay's simplicity-first approach makes it easy to create, manage, and distribute intuitive training Overlays across your organization. Speed up adoption, launch new tools, and provide ongoing support without the need for technical resources or documentation changes. 

Decrease overhead.

Context Overlay streamlines software learning so your trainers and managers spend less time showing people where to click and more time providing quality coaching and process improvement. Shorten training cycles, decrease internal support requests, and increase bandwidth. 

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